Thursday, October 05, 2006

Simple Kind of Lovely

Look how beautiful it was yesterday.

That's Hyde Park (or Kensington Gardens?); those little white silhouettes are swans. A low, full moon on a cold, clear was gorgeous. Yet another experience that makes it seem impossible that a year ago to these days I was getting my pretty views from the Northwestern lakefill; as I had tea and cake with Daniel, Sarah Kate and Sarah Kate's mother in a fancy little restaurant overlooking the gardens, it was hard to believe that, in my alternate world, I should be eating stir fry in the Alpha Phi basement.

It's nights like those, and days like today, that make me gradually less apprehensive about my stay here. I resented going into town to run my errands, but I took the opportunity to stop in a secondhand shop to get a volume of F. Scott Fitzgerald's short stories. I brought the book to a fabulous little patisserie in Soho and had a profiterole and tea at a table perfect for watching people, struggling with their umbrellas, passing in shades of London greys and navys. It's cold here, and rainy, but there are these perfect moments. I think I can do this for the next few months.


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