Monday, November 13, 2006

Ciao Bella!

Basically, it is impossible to put an entire week of travelling in Italy into a blog post that won't make you homicidal when you read it. So I am going to do a very brief day-by-day: some photos, some words, and a whole lot of a pasta.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was amazing. Some brief preliminary sightseeing, assorted fun. Met up with the boys and Melissa Barr for a great dinner with a Veird Vaiter named Vilson. Here he is singing "That's Amore," as all waiters in Italy do:
More sightseeing, guided by my fantastic Aunt Lise. Saw all the major things and some cool behind-the-scenes stuff as well. Amazing art and sculptures, amazing history. And lots of vendors selling crap of which I (of course) partook. Despite me paying money for their goods, they still yelled at me for being American. My fault, I know, how horrible. Beautiful sunset, though. And, of course, I had to see the most famous Beatles cover band in all of Italy:
Spent the first half of the day at the Palazzo Pitti (cool museum) and the Ponte Vecchio (the river is above). I was meant to go to Rome today but stayed an extra night so that Melissa and I could go up and visit my Aunt Lise and cousin Lorenzo at home. We had such a wonderful time, full of BBC news, unbelievable fresh food, and naturally, anyone related to me is always a treat.

Finally arrived in Rome, where we met up with the boys again and did some more sightseeing. They were wiped and we weren't much better but we made it to the Trevi fountain, and then up some stairs at some elaborate, ornate building to catch some of the prettiest views yet. Ben made friends with a Gladiator and we made friends with a South African fellow who was literally off his nut. Travelling is nothing if not an experience.

Rachel left and Sarah Kate and I did some more exploring. Went to the Vatican, basically we're now best friends with the Pope and lots of singing Irish children. Saw the Coliseum, startled quite a few tourists (at this point we were losing our minds). To cap off our trip, we were seated at dinner next to two 50+ men who were having the most inappropriate conversation imaginable concerning sex with hookers. We knew it was time to pack up and go home at this point. Note: the following statue is NOT the Pantheon.

So in conclusion, Viva Italia! We had a really wonderful time, despite being a bit museumed-and-old-buildinged out by the end. It was a great place to see and the first place where I really encountered a major language barrier, so I liked the interest and challenge of that. In the next few weeks I have Seville and Barcelona, and then it will be almost time to go home! Crazy. As crazy as our South African roommate.


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