Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Person Can Develop La Grippe

I'm writing from my sickbed to give a brief update on my fairly phenomenal weekend, which was followed by contracting some strain of mononucleosis or meningitis or possibly malaria.

Friday was crazy. I had a delicious vegetarian home-cooked meal in Regent's Park with Alena, Melissa, and two of Alena's friends. Then I dashed off to Leicester Square to see my flatmate's band, The Razzle, perform a very surprising set of songs:

Following that I came back to Queen Mary, where I got a call from Michelle telling me that she was on campus with some of our mutual friend Melissa's friends from college, so I got a chance to meet all of them and witness my first Beirut tournament on this side of the Atlantic. But I guess you can't call it Beirut because that doesn't exist anymore. Suggestions for renaming welcome.

Then we went to Cambridge! THIS is how much I liked Cambridge:

It's freakishly old and full of history and information and people with funny coats. If I had the tendency to work hard enough to improve my grades, I almost certainly would have gone there.

Sunday was a day of amazing markets and seeing friends. I got these beautiful flowers at a crowded flower market where people kept calling me "Luv" and the men "Guv'na". They are brightening my room and making it smell like Hawaii in here, even though the mess and the gray might indicate otherwise. (Also, please observe my ghetto vase)

That night was Chinatown with Caroline(in from Ireland), Melissa (in from Paris) and Alena (in London already)...I cannot believe that I can see my high school friends in Europe. It seems so surreal.

I leave you with this quote from my flatmate, Pontus, who is from Sweden and also says really hilarious things:

(While discussing the difference in our Christmas traditions) "Santa lives in Sweden. Actually, he lives in my apartment building. He's ALWAYS doing his laundry!"


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