Thursday, November 02, 2006


LOVE QUEUEING UP FOR THINGS. It's insane. They wait in lines more patiently than anyone I've ever seen.

I liked London today. It was cold and crisp and sunny and I tried on clothes and had a "beigel" and walked through a glorified garage sale. Every day should be like this. Except with a camera in hand, because I forgot mine today, and of course saw ninetyfour bajillion photographable events and objects.

Also, if you're wondering what I do in my flat with my flatmates, here is a very good example: Tonight, Pontus cooked a spicy bolognese pasta. He then served it to us with wine, candles, and a DVD of a crackling fire, and turned off the lights to set the mood. I often wonder what my experience would be like if I lived somewhere else; I'm glad I don't.


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